Import Debian version 5.1.3

parrot-core (5.1.3) parrot-updates; urgency=medium
  [ Nong Hoang Tu ]
  * Add trap to show title. Close #12
  * Improve bash syntax. Close #10
  * Restore firefox launcher and clean the dconf. Close #13
  * Do not import plugins if file doesn't exist
  * Add Custom nanorc
  * Add a hook script for NetworkManager to stop refreshing DNS
  * Add network manager hookscript to installation
  [ Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra ]
  * Temporarily comment NetworkManager patch (2 extra tests need to be done)
  * Don't show line numbers on nano to allow copy-pasting code (might change in the future)
  * Don't wrap long lines in nano (some users may complain about it, let's wait a bit)
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